Hopefully you have a great landlord and management agent who look after you and your home, but it's important as a tenant that you understand what will make renting a property easier for you and everyone involved. We've outlined below what we believe it takes to be an amazing tenant: 
1) Pay your rent on time: Make sure to pay your rent on time and in full each month. 
2) Communicate with your landlord or agent: Keep in touch with your landlord or agent and let them know if you have any issues or concerns. 
3) Respect the property: Take good care of the property and report any repairs or maintenance issues promptly. 
4) Follow the rules: Follow the rules of the tenancy agreement and be considerate of your neighbours. 
5) Keep the property clean: Keep the property clean and tidy, and leave it in good condition when you move out. 
6) Give notice: Give your landlord or agent proper notice before moving out, as required by your tenancy agreement. 
7) Be honest: Be honest and upfront about any problems or issues that may arise. 
8) Be a good neighbour: Be a good neighbour and considerate of those living around you. 
9) Be appreciative: Show appreciation for your landlord's efforts to maintain the property and address any issues. 
10) Respect your landlord's property: Treat your landlord's property with respect and care, as if it were your own. 
11) Follow the terms of your tenancy agreement: Make sure to follow all the terms of your tenancy agreement, including those related to subletting, guests, and pets. 
12) Inform your landlord or agent of any changes: Let your landlord or agent know if you plan to make any changes to the property, such as painting or installing new fixtures. 
13) Keep your landlord or agent informed: Keep your landlord or agent informed of your contact information and any changes to your circumstances that may affect your tenancy. 
14) Respect your landlord or agent's time: Respect your landlord or agent's time and do not expect them to be available at all hours of the day. If you need to contact them, try to do so during regular business hours. 
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