It's briliant to have good tenants and it's amazing to find a really professional letting agency, but landlords have a role to play as well so here are our top ten tips for being a great landlord: 
1) Maintain the property: Keep the property in good condition and make timely repairs to ensure that it is safe and comfortable for your tenants. 
2) Be responsive: Be responsive to your tenants' needs and concerns, and address any issues in a timely and professional manner. 
3) Respect your tenants' privacy: Respect your tenants' privacy and do not enter the property without their permission, unless it is an emergency or you have given advance notice. 
4) Be fair: Be fair and reasonable in your dealings with your tenants, and treat them with respect. 
5) Communicate clearly: Communicate clearly and effectively with your tenants, and make sure they understand their rights and responsibilities. 
6) Follow the law: Make sure you are familiar with and comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those related to landlord-tenant law and health and safety. 
7) Be flexible: Be flexible and willing to work with your tenants to find solutions to any problems that may arise. 
8) Provide a safe and secure home: Take steps to ensure that the property is a safe and secure place to live, such as installing smoke alarms and deadbolts. 
9) Be transparent: Be transparent and upfront with your tenants about your policies and expectations, and do not try to hide any important information. 
10) Build a relationship: Try to build a good working relationship with your tenants, as this can help to create a positive and harmonious living environment. 
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